Friday, May 2, 2008

JNJ Turo Turo-Filipino food in Quincy

I went with my good friend NY and my sis last weekend to Quincy. On 143 Water Street, you can find JNT Turo Toro. A cute hole in the wall serving home made Filipino food with a daily changing menu and permanent but smaller menu. Everything is listed on a board by the cash register. This small space was bright, cheery and alot the furniture from IKEA. (My friend noted she had similar furniture that was found in the restaurant.)

We ate alot of pork and had to bring leftovers home with us. So we got Kare Kare, Dinuguan, Lechon Kawal, Pancit Bihon, Lumpia with Meat, Pork Afritada, Bicol Express and Pork Adobo. If we were vegetarians, we would have been in trouble! I have only had select dishes of Filipino food in the past made by friends namely Pancit and Lumpia (both were I have had before were delicious!)
The staff was very friendly and looks to be a family run business. We ordered all the four dishes in the front, got some rice and other dishes. We were forewarned we would not be able to finish, we weren't. We had not room for dessert. We enjoyed the Kare Kare-pork, tripe in peanut sauce. We were instructed do add the fish paste (what Filipinos do) and it was delicious. Theshrimp paste is strong but different from Chinese shrimp paste. It added an extra zing to the dish and tripe. The Pork Afritada reminded my sis and I of our dad's veggie soup with tomato and potato. The Bicol Express was lovely with green beans, pork with coconut milk and shrimp paste. We loved it! We were not sure with the coconut milk but it added a nice contrast and lessened the potency of the shrimp paste. The Lechon Kawal or fried pork belly was simple and the dipping sauce was a litte sweet with some spices making it a nice accent. The Pork Adobo (marinated meat in soy, garlic, bay leaf and peppercorns usually) was good (a staple Filipino food but my friend's is better.) The meat lumpia was a hit (as my friend NY said, maybe because it was fried?). The dipping sauce was not and not overly sweet. The two things we were not as enthused over were the Pancit Bihon and the Dinuguan. I love noodle dishes but this simplie rice noodle pancit flavored with soy was too light and tasteless for me. The Dinuguan was pork cooked in blood was different from anything I had but the murky blood broth was a disappointment.

We got there at the right time, as we were leaving the place was very busy for a Saturday afternoon. There is a certain niche needed for Filipino families and alot of them were ordering and eating there at Turo Turo last Saturday afternoon. Plus the prices are very reasonable too.

Service: 9 forks out of 10 forks
Food: 8.5 forks out of 10 forks
Total overal: 8.5 forks out of 10
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