Monday, April 21, 2008

Stella-Brunch in the South End

Sunday was crazy in Boston. There was the Bruins and Celtics doing Playoff Games, Women's Marathon Olympic Trials and the Red Sox played (and won with an amazing 8th inning) this past weekend. It took me an hour and a half to meet up with my friend causing me to be late. But I had been to Stella (1525 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02118 -617 247 7747) (in Beantown's South End) when it first opened and it was my first time back but for brunch (at 1:30pm).

Our waitress was very friendly and nice. The waitstaff helpers were nice but a bit frazzled. The OJ was all out and my friend PL was told her OJ would have to wait another half hour for some. It was a very busy South End brunch scene. The bar and front room as well as out door dining areas were packed. We were seated in the smaller side dining room. After our order was taken, we were given food within 5 minutes. Then we realized it was not our food. It did take us another 5 minutes to flag someone down to take our food away.

After half an hour of waiting and our stomachs growling, we got our food. PL got the Omelet Fiorentina (Spinach/Tomato/Asiago Cheese/Home Fries/Toast.) I got to try the "home fries" lovely roasted whole potatoes that were divine full of flavor and a treat.

I got the Linguine /"Carbonara"/Poached egg/Smoked Bacon and Parmesan for my meal. I admit I inhaled my dish was I was ravenous. The poached egg was perfect, the sauce was not too thick and the smoked bacon was bits of salty goodness that studded the dish of fresh linguine to bring the flavors to new heights.

We shared a side order of fresh fruit to make sure we had something healthy for our meal. The fresh fruit lived up to its names and the strawberries in particular were very sweet.

Food: 9 forks (out of 10)
Service: 8 forks
Overall: 8.5 forks
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