Friday, May 2, 2008

Vlora in Copley Square

Earlier this week went to Vlora Restaurant with some friends. It is located in a basement level space (so you can easily miss out) right outside of 545 Boylston Street in the heart of Copley Square across from Trinity Church. Here is the restaurant's blog to read all the updates. The space was very quiet and modern. One part was full of light by the windows looking upstairs. Very spartan and not overly adorned.

The waitstaff was very attentive and polite. We did get two lunch menus by accident and the waitress got the wrong wine. The wine we did get $32 for the bottle was the Sileni Sauvignon Blanc and it was delicious! I don't like overly dry whites. It smelled yummy and had a wonderful tang and sweetness too it. Everyone raved about it! One friend who selected it had tried Sileni wines before. Bravo and excellent choice!

We each were served a nice warm piece of bread accompanied with good olive oil and some nice olives.

Here is the clams stuffed with crabmeat which was good. The dipping sauce was spicy but nice. The salad with red peppers and lettuce was good to have some on the plate. More bread than crab but still good and fresh.
I also got a side of dill mash potatoes that were delicious. Another is I got a trio of pies served with yogurt sauce-one was filled with feta and spinach, yogurt and tomato and onion. The pies were great with the pastry puff exterior and it was simple. The tartness of the yogurt sauce was nice.

Overall I give Vlora 8 forks out of 10 forks.
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