Friday, May 2, 2008

Pho So 1 in the Heart of Dorchester's Fields Corner

Last weekend I had an appointment there. So my sis and I were starving after our meeting. We had to get some food and Banh Mi was not going to suffice. We went directly next door to Pho So 1. (If I was more hungry I would have wanted 7 courses of fish but alas what we got was good.)
I don't usually trek to Fields Corner to eat in Dorchester. My good friend lives there and since I did briefly take Vietnamese classes (ok I forgot it all save for a few phrases) and the great Vietnamese Food (plus it is a trek) I always make sure to grab a meal while in the area.
So I went to Pho So 1 (223 Adams St, Dorchester, MA 02122 ,Phone: (617) 474-1999)
Goi Cuon- (Spring Rolls)--fresh shrimp and grilled pork inside (You cannot get that in any Vietnamese restaurant with the grilled pork in Chinatown and for $3.50---a steal!). We loved the usual peanut dipping sauce. The highlight was the pork and shrimp combo. Yummy! Nice and fresh and not fried which is what I love about it. (Don't get me wrong, I love fried things but I am trying to not eat it as often.)

Phò dãc biét (one of my faves) Beef broth studded with beef brisket, tendon, round eye steak, flat noodles and served with plate of limes, bean sprouts and herbs for you to add to your broth. The broth, noodles and meat just hit the spot. Add some sriracha sauce and it is even lovelier!

Com Suon Bì, Cha Trung, Thit Nuóng
I always seem to crave this one! The places in Chinatown don't even offer the eggs and charge about the same price! I love the steamed ground pork cake with egg and vermicelli. (It reminds me of the home style meals growing up that my mom would make.) Then the shredded pork along with the grilled pork chop over a bed of rice and a side salad. The two fried eggs are cooked just right so when I cut them open, the lovely yolk just oozes onto the rice. Of course you have to have nuoc mam fish sauce too!
It was a satisfying meal without having to break the piggy bank. *Sigh.

9 forks out of 10 forks
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